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The Bear Facts

I have to bottle feed young cubs (age-8 weeks)
2012 photo:Cubs are weaned from the bottle;anywhere from 12 to 15 weeks.

"Brave" April,2014
I have exstensive data/doccumentation on this amazing bear cub!

Bear cub Survivor only weighed 2 lbs on arrival
3-27-13(3 cubs arrived,weights=1 female 2lbs,1 male2-1/2 lbs 1female 2-1/2 lbs.Cubs are doing great!

Me & Brave

Second Chance Wildlife, Inc.
I/Dawn L. Brown : Founder , President & Executive Director 
I am a Maine Bear rehabilitator  &  Bear behavioral researcher.
I feel very blessed running Second Chance Wildlife Inc. I have an opportunity to care for ,and observe bears daily lives in my 5 acre  natural habitat/landscape,it has without a doubt helped me to better understand their behavior,and how they adapt and react to different situations. I hope to continue doing this for many more years; I keep documentation on everything that I am able to witness with bear cub, and yearling behavior,and development adaptions.I am thankful for having the Land,and having one of the largest bear rehabilitation facilities in the Country; That me and my husband built for the most part, and do all the upkeep with my beautiful dream come true facility, that is built on our private property=I do not want anyone misinterpreting things,and thinking that the State/ or Government built it /or owns the land/or runs the facility. I look forward to doing more presentations,and I absolutely love being asked questions! I do not have a college degree, nor am I a biologist, but I certainly have the knowledge and then some. I am greatly self taught,and an out of the box thinker for sure.. I say what I mean, and mean what I say=No guessing... 
My email:    Home Phone:207-778-2902     Cell Phone  207.578.0616


I look forward to ordering more Satellite collars

11- 3-14 I have paid for/Purchased new batteries: for my 2 LOTEC satellite collars $820.00, they are now in and ready . I, and others will be able to  view bear movements 2015 UPDATE: "Brave"  & "Survivor" now my satellite collars ,and  Freedom has a radio/vhf collar.I do worry a bit about Brave; that being she doesn't have ear enough to get tags,and I hope that the collar is going to stay on her with no problems/issues - I will discuss this with biologist,and go from there...UPDATE: I did discuss,and they padded her collar out more keeping it secured. 
Purchased LOTEK Global Star Data Plan - 3-10-15 - $104.29 - I paid with my credit card - and then paid with my SCW,Inc. Checking account.

Purchased LOTEK -Global Star Data Plan -  5-27-15 - $110.41 - I paid with my credit card - I will pay with my SCW,Inc. checking account once I receieve my statement.


Second Chance Wildlife,Inc. Is not open to the general public! There are few whom have permission to be on the premises; and even then it is within guidelines! I keep even my presence to a minimum once the cubs are weaned (I do video and monitor behavioral patterns and document data -Take Note:  this does not effect my bears behavior at all)  WE ARE NOT A CENTER! Purposes so as to keep the bears as wild, and as undisturbed as possible! PEOPLE WHO TRESPASS WITHOUT PERMISSION AND DO NOT REGARD THE NO TRESPASSING SIGNS ; SHOULD KNOW BETTER, and odds are they are on monitor camera recordings. Please give me a call if you would like to learn more about bears; I will do slide show presentations for those who are interested, I love talking about bears, but I will have to schedule. Time & effort has been 100% Volunteer since 1997 .In  2014 some earnings: $4,000 total ,Total thus far: 2015 $1,300 = That is the only earnings I have ever made in 17/18 years = most all of the donations go strictly to the bears, and have too gone to other rehabilitated animals that I have had In my care,Monies are donated into my SCW,Inc. account and those funds go directly to :material/product cost,  supplement food, immediate care supplements, worming, antibiotics, office supplies,satellite collars,cameras..( I will only be rehabilitating  bears now, and will no longer rehabilitate other species!) I run Second Chance Wildlife, Inc. and It Is not a special Interest group. Second Chance Wildlife, Inc.Is not run or operated by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, nor guided by them, or for that matter anyone else.

I really do not care much at all for most : Maine News Papers/Main Stream Media/AP = If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed. THIS IS A GOOD QUOTE BY--MARK TWAIN. The reason I don't care much for the: Bangor Daily News in particular - is for the simple reason ; I had gotten the idea of my bear facilities for the most part  - from way back when -  I had a permit for red deer ; that being  near 25 years ago - in which I didn't even know the biologist back then + take note - The Bangor Daily News seems to also cater to progressive ideologue/big Government,union influence/special interest ,and making it as if they have all the answers - well let me tell you somthing - I appreciate what the biologist do and they know I respect them , and others , but as I have said before,and I will odds are say time, and time again - they do not do  what I do ! ,and they do not guide me either = My experiance with bears and insight is from  time ; that  being what has indeed given me a clear conscience; that I am  able to be a decision maker from my experience, and knowledge of bears ,and I understand  bears may react to different situations,and more importantly why - good ,bad /or indifferent, and I too understand what release time-frame is best appropriate - in most cases..I do appreciate that the biologist tag ,collar, den check...many of my bears,but it It really bothers me for when government agencies/government in general /or should I blame rather the AP media instead - doesnt get the story correct!  In history many inventions,and answers were derived from regular people who wanted to explore and understand,and think outside of the box!  The private sector vs government - it is difficult to go against the machine/the powers of government and special interest - it is just the way it is in our society at times. I cant fight the system ,but I have freedom of speech still. I care about honest thought,and honest weights,truth versus what may be conveniant - I am not conveinent in a progressive society ,nor do I wish to be. Phalms 8 :11 For wisdom is better than rubies; And all the things that may be desired are not to be compared unto it. 


Against odds - I am living my dream of caring for bears and observing them -  I knew that bears could be fenced in, and I could have a facility as close to their natural habitat as possible,and we have the land = Mine  and my husbands - I am blessed to have the land for the bears. I did look around at the construction of other facilities; that may have been similar, and did discuss things,but I had noticed that the one  with a natural habitat - did not have a barrier - it just had strands of electric;that was Ben Kilham In NH,and The maine wildlife park-had a smaller facility with a pretty open area with few trees/if any,at that time.I knew by having the deer fencing + the electric - it would be a win ,win situation,but the learning continues..I also had thought about monitor cams way back when ,and had purchased some with my own monies back in 2005/06. If anyone wants real information In reference to SCW,Inc., and has a questions;well than go to the source = Call me  /or email me/or go to my fb site, website.. I never want to be run by any Government entity nor union/or special Interest group,or anyone else! But Take Note: I sure do like to think that I ,and The MDIFW biologist have learned from one another; I look at Individuals involved with working with bears and other species, and doing the very best they can to manage Game Species,and non-game. Randy Cross & his crew, and other bear biologist do a great job with preparing my bears just prior to release/or when needed = they ear tag ,weigh, measure collar.., and then they monitor the bears once they are released to the wild; being In most cases within the 3 bear study areas. I have a good volunteer working relationship, and I try to communicate with biologist Randy  Cross In reference to gathering any data from the bears that I had rehabilitated and have  vhf/radio telemetry collars; that  are now living In the wild; he keeps me informed on how my bears are faring In the wild, and I will send him and others on occasion some data/information that I have gathered during the rehabilitation process = I rehabilitate bear cubs, and monitor bear development, and document behavior, while bears are In my care, at my facility,and I also post a great deal of this data on my SCW,Inc.  fb site. I absolutely love talking about bears and doing presentations or interviews with time permitted. I am very consistent, extremely meticulous, and at times I do not know why it is so difficult to get my point across to others.. My husband Michael helps me much with the upkeep of my facilities, I appreciate all that he does, and we sure work hard trying to keep the pens up to par, and I feel very blessed to have one of the best bear rehabilitation facilities In the country; being second to none! We have a new board member Rick Libbey, and he Is a professional photographer and has taken some photos of my bears, and donates 20% of the proceeds from the sales of his photos/products - that is it.  I too  am trying to sell some picks of my own; that I have taken, and 100% proceeds will go to the bears. I do pressentations talking about what I do - I strongly prefer others not speak for me - To learn more about My Maine bears view my website, face book page & youtube videos,and  get the latest news & updates.. Thanks, Dawn L. Brown President & executive director, Primary caretaker,bear observer and educator...

Brave & Freedom in a beautiful den they prepared
11-13-14 photo taken I was able to gert 1 monitor cam hooked,but still need to get it live streaming

Brave & Freedom Mid October 2014

Photos... :o)

Check out the bear cub & yearling development & behavior I have documented/witnessed :o)

Go to this link: To Visit My Second Chance Wildlife, Inc. FACEBOOK PAGE!

2014: I purchased: New cams,dvr,RECORDER,Monitor..
I will periodically have live stream running online = not all the time.

Bears that I have cared for, and observed Will eventually be released back to the wild, The bears this year will be Winter Den released ; I did discuss this prior with biologist Randy Cross. In most cases the bears will be monitored by Him & The MDIFW bear study while living In the Wild. Working together, and having an understanding Is of good ; I have always communicated with biologist In reference to bears, but lately I am having a very difficult time getting a response In particular with the lead bear biologist? I have been trying to get some satellite information.. I have no Idea why they have not responded? I am always upfront and honest, and I always have been, and they know that! I have absolutely nothing to hide. lately there Is a disconnect, and I don't seem to be getting any answers to particular questions? Update March 2014:I am happy to say that communication is starting to resolve some prior issues,and it looks as though they will be resolved -The 2 Lotec collars have new batteries,and if need be in the future , they need to be refurbished..I will pay that cost. I would like to purchase 2/or 3 new satellite collars from another Co.and I am in the process of getting these cost figures and corresponding with lead bear biologist,and I will directly communicate with the distributor and go from there.All honesty;I never thought it would be so difficult just wanting to pay for something-Don't figure..maybe it depends on who you are? Now that I have finally gotten some  feedback-It Is time to move forward. I have purchase/paid for product my credit card ,and then my : Second Chance Wildlife, Inc. account.I will soon be in the process of getting 2 more satellite collars,and have contacted  LOTEK  those whom I have communicated with have responded promptly - in which I appreciate - I am much better off going direct through them rather than trying to go through the MDIFW 1st. an dhave them communicate with them .  I really do prefer private donations; because I do not care very much for: Money donations /or grants; that have  ties with the tangled web; being connected to Government agencies  /Unions/Special Interest/or The Washington establishment for that matter = The Machine, and the corruption that goes along with it! No matter what side of the progressive spectrum. I will have nothing to do with them .

SCW, Inc. Is not a government  /nor Union run organization, nor a special interest group. Update: I had tried in the past  to go directly through another distributor/Vectronics - In reference to potentially purchasing more satellite/gps collars; I had not received any response as of yet, from the Vectronics Co. ;that being after having had, emailed them on: March 27,2014,and again on: 4-13-2014.It Is now July 20,2014 . It indeed has been a waste of my time trying- it has been way to much of a run around with no answers = very frustrating to say the least.I have not had very good luck at all when it comes to simply wanting to get sat collars for my bears - don't figure?? I had prior issues with LOTEK too ,but I am happy to say now - that is no longer the case.      


Well ; I sure have some news about my tough little bears: Survivor,Forest & Spruce-They escaped from the den box! I am not really very surprised,but I do like the box for keeping them together..It sounds as though they are doing just fine,...and I am really happy with their behavioral reaction with the the bear crew..I am sure that they will den up together ;that being the most probable scenario at this time of torpor. I received an email from: Biologist Jen Vashon, and this Is what she had emailed me a bit ago March 2014 : By the way, we were in the process of searching for a missing radiocollared bear , and it turned out it was denned not far from the den box of three of your orphans. They had left the den box and were near the side of a plowed logging road. When we approached they all climb the same tree, two going to the very top and one staying about mid-way. Made for a more interesting day and it was nice to see them all together. I like those den box releases---seems like they are more likely to stay together










DURING DEN SEASON  : I had 1 cam hooked up and running during torpor den season on - Brave & Freedom have a natural den; that they have been working on, and have decided to make that their primary.I will keep you updated...I hope to  be able to get the Live stream up & running again - please be patient. Severe thunder, and lightning storms had gone through, 2 summer seasons while I had my cams hooked up,and though I had safeguards in place in 2014 I lost quite afew of my  cams;that I had running at the time ,and dvr... Though I had power surge protectors, ground.. Lightning can indeed cause some issues. I know from experiance , and if you ask anyone else whom has security/monitor cams, they too will probably say the same.. July/August Update: I did get a new dvr, and 8 new cams + a new Monitor /large screen.Hopefully once I bond the cams it will prevent  additional problems = run copper line from connectors = camera to camera-being all connected, and to a ground, and /or grounds -thus hopefully preventing them from getting fried. It may take a bit to get everything up ,and running, and I am just going to have to be extra cautionary=the cams will often  not be running during thunder storm season; I too was told by an electrician; that even with all safeguards in place - lightning could still potentially cause damage. I simply cannot afford to have the dvr, recorder,cams, monitor screen.. get damaged/destroyed = it has cost thousands of dollars over the years - from my/our = me and my husbands  personal monies, and too from private donations that I have received. I am being very conservative with the monies I have received/SCWI. I am accountable for every cent!

I purchased an OMAX telescope valued at :1,400.00
Brave guard hairs and her wooly undercoat in some photos

I purchased an OMAX telescope valued at :1,400.00
Brave guard hairs


Brave guard hairs + her wooly coat in some photos
The micrope will help me ID parrasites + it will be good for hair/fur samples,skin tissue,blood...

I purchased an OMAX telescope valued at :1,400.00

Paid with my personal account
My new micrscope - It will be very good to have for a variety of reasons..:o)

I used hematoxin dye - Brave guard hairs
The micrope will help me ID parrasites + it will be good for hair/fur samples,skin tissue,blood...




Take Note:The amount of bears that I  rehabilitate & research are eventially  returned to the wild; their #'s  will not have any substantial effect on the overall population (there is anywhere from: 29,000 to 31,000 bears in Maine as stands to date) The behavioral research that  I continue to gather on rehabilitated bears is significant data, and further data Is gathered by biologist when the bears I rehab are living In the wild with other bears In the study= data gathered at that time frame  = Bear movements by radio telemetry /vhf collars are pinpointed by pilots, and then biologist track from land, and during their Winter den study; they check bears overall health, ear tag, tattoo, check weights , reproduction/sow with cubs, yearlings... they focus on #'s, and  are able to see if there are any variances from year to year-keeping  things In check, and too are able to see if bears are displaying human avoidance behavior...It is all important, and Is good to know if the bears that I rehab  may be exhibiting similar attributes, as other bears In the wild, when checked during the den season, and if  caught during the Spring trapping season by biologist during their MDIFW study. Some bears even get satellite collars ,and their movements are able to be viewed right on the computer-It Is pretty cool..I checked the 2 sat. collars often , and I am sure the biologist checked on them often too. I recently downloaded DELORM Topo USA  map; so that I could pinpoint the distances between the 2 rehabilitated bears living In the wild (Milk-dud & Beechnut had these collars Update: These 2 bears were den checked by biologist,and other past bears ; I have had in rehab,and all thus far are in great condition-Milkdud,and beechnut sat collars were removed,and will eventially go on other bears that I rehabilitate..) 2014 UPDATE:Sad News - Milkdud & Beecchnut were harvested on Tribal Lands during their 2014 bear hunting seasons.Both these bears were certainly well on their way,and were living life like any other bear in the wild ,and it does sadden me for when I hear news that some of my bears are harvested,but I try very hard to be open minded;though it can be difficult at times :o(  
Well some good news ;I  am happy to say that their sibling "Shield" Is still doing well - 2015 Winter den check - Shield was in great condition and over 120lbs. There Is a good possibility - that she may have cubs next year :o)
I have a great deal of data on this particular bear along with all my other bears too - they have story to tell ; I will try to update anything new ,and do the  the best I  can with time permitted = I am self employed work for a living-in business with my husband Michael (Browns Installations, Inc. = we install floors for a living)    

I hope that through educating the public of this process; I will affect others in reference to how they may think about "the bear rehabilitation process" and better understand my role as a bear rehabilitator, observer,and too understand the role of biologist. Time gives answers and my #1 focus Is to gain insight, by knowing whether or not  my rehabilitation methods are working overall; from observing the bear cub,and /or yearlings, and gathering behavioral patterns while they are in captivity ,and biologist gathering data; that they collect during their Winter den study, and Spring trapping study. It is important to take
into account other variances that can effect all bears including my rehabilitated bears once placed within the population,and how natural food sources may vary within that particular habitat,and how other natural , and non natural effects that take place can effect bears in general;they may have to adjust,and indeed adapt within the variances that nature and other circumstances hands them. Take Note: through the rehabilitation process;the bears cubs,and yearlings that are rescued, are simply just being given a second chance ; because there #'s are not of substance, thus should not effect bear conservation = If a bear cub and /or yearling is in need of help, and care; the humane thing to do is to rescue the bear cubs/bears, and give them  a 2nd chance, by bringing them to me-thus gaining  insight to what  is working - and what is not - long term, and again;I sure feel blessed having one of the largest bear natural habitat facilities In the Country=The bears  have taught me much and will continue :o)     

My 1st bear 1997

Me In My Glory:o)
1-8-13 Biologist eartagged,weighed,measured 5 of the yearlings.


I purchased these monitor cams personal monies
Ice the bear "2006"


My rehabilitated Bears that I observe are eventially released back into the wild "can, and have done  well" and live their lives just as other bears in the wild within their territory.Rehabilitated bears have shown great capabilities, and have exceeded in displaying their instinctive skill, and  have intertwined back to where their beginning had started"In The Wild.

2014 Update : I have filed-The 2013 990N e-postcard, and  I will be making some changes within the bylaws= I will be working on this process, and will be contacting the IRS with a written letter format- describing the changes, and my suggestion to the: IRS-Is that they will comply, and follow through with my request.

2014 annual report file

Maine Biologist

2015 Den Summary

2014 Den Summary

Update More Soon

2007 Bear Den Summary

2008 Bear Den Summary

2009 Bear Den Summary

2010 Bear Den Summary

2011 Bear Den Summary

2012 Bear Den Summary

If anyone was to come across an orphaned or injured bear please contact your local Maine Game Warden,and /or Biologist..They will asses the situation, and hopefully call me  if a bear ,and/or cub/cubs are in need of care: Second Chance Wildlife, Inc. Bear rehabilitation,research & release.

MDIFW Warden
 Dispatch Centers:




2014 presentations scheduled thus far: 

May 15,2014: I will be doing a presentation at a scout pack meeting. It is taking place at Grace Bible Church in Guilfered ME - doughty hill road. I would like to thank Game Warden Jeremy Kemp for asking me to speak about bears.

June 2014:I have a presentation scheduled for "Home Schoolers of Maine" they are having a big event In June 2014 at: Sunday River. I would like to thank Raylene Hunt  for asking me to speak about bears.

7-3-14 :I will be doing a presentation again at: BRAC/Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance. I would like to thank Robyn Nolan LegGand for asking me to speak about bears. 

I am really looking forward to talking about bear rehabilitation and their behavior. I will do presentations for anyone whom wants to learn more about bear cubs, yearlings, and I am not bias, and try to be open minded to ; although I have my own political and other views-this should not influence, nor have anything to do with me wanting to do presentations=I strictly talk about bears and my experience ,the work process, and the accomplishments' am able to gain insight into the daily lives of cubs and yearlings ;the bears have indeed taught, and inspired me over the years and will continue : I am sure.. I truly believe education should be taught by those whom have knowledge, insight, and life long experience, and I consider myself very capable! I look forward to doing more presentations In the future, and appreciate all those whom have asked me to speak about bear cub rehabilitation/care, development and behavior....©Second Chance Wildlife, Inc.   Is Not A Special Interest Group.

Dawn L. Brown: President & executive director, primary caretaker..Bear Rehabilitation & Behavioral Research.. Phone: 207-778-2902



2013:I did 6 presentations , and looking forward to doing more In 2014.

2012:I have done 5 presentations;I appreciate all those who ask me to speak about bears...:o)
2011: I have given  slide show presentations at: Mount Blue State Park,and for the Girl Scouts in New Sharon.In 2012, I did presentation for CREA/Cathance River Education Alliance, and for the MBA/Maine BowHuntwers Association,Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance,The Farmington Rotary,Black Bear Society,and at some Maine libraries throughout the State,and others;I will try to schedule more with time permitted. For anyone who is interested in learning more about  about bear rehabilitation,bear behavior ,and the importance of bear conservation, I hope you will email or give me a call. Thanks, Dawn phone 778.2902
The Bear Facts:
To all Individuals,you have the choice to take precautions to prevent a potential dangerous situation or not-You decide;because it is ultimately your decision-Freedom of choice,and face the consequences! 


  •                Campers,and also folks who live near bear territory; please do not feed the bears! Bird-feeders will attract bears too! It will only hurt them in the long run.
  •               No one should leave garbage,bird-seed, or even mulch/compost with food by products outside.A bear will travel long and hard for the smells of food,and certainly could end up in your yard, or a campground.If a bear approaches you,make noise and whatever you have to do to spook them away,and iliminate the atttractents that made them appear In the first place;again you make the choice.Bears are opportunist, and they may come back for food sources,and by illiminating the source you can prevent a potential incounter.Odds are bears will return unless you take precautions to prevent a potential encounter in the first place.Sometimes some bears just have a tough animality no matter what you do "even when you try to do everything right" They are an extremely intelligent mammal,and when there #'s are over their carrying capacity-more bnears are going to be seen.
  • Everyone out there just do the best you can! and try  to prevent close encounters with this incredible species. They are typically solitude,except when food sources are abundant. Bears have been know to be very tolerant toward each other when the natural feed sources such as berry,and nut crops are in abundance and doing well;but otherwise bears are known to be solitude,and a bit territorial.As habitat disappears more bears will be seen,and we need to learn to live with them, and at the same time prevent them from becoming a nuisance.Keeping healthy stable bear populations = keeping bears in tact,and that involves: Wildlife management,and conservation efforts; which consist of hunting.The bear harvest each year is monitored by biologist thus making it visible = carrying capacity within bear territory/habitat = what is in the best interest for the bears,and the people of Overpoulated bear population is not good,and low bear population Is not good either;having an understanding gives us all a perspective for what is truly in the best interest for the bears ,and the people of Maine.
As Individuals we will all continuously learn.Time gives so many answers to so many questions.Bears need their space! The bears that I rehabilite do not add to the overall population.Take Note:The knowledge,and insight into bear cub behavior is gained through  the rehabilitation process.Bears leave so much to the imagination,and this will be a journey for the  bears and I.None of us ever stop learning from one another. "Don't ever underestimate the bear,and don't ever underestimate the individual -Dawn L. Brown