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10 oz. cub Patten with estiamted age = 1 to 3 days
(Umbilicle cord was still attached) This Little cub patten went in with a surrogate sow



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221 feedings in 21 days
This Little cub patten went in with a surrogate sow
221 feedings in 21 days
This Little cub patten went in with a surrogate sow

VIDEO: Survivor - Forest - Spruce development.. My skilled bear Cubs - foraging naturally in my 5 acre facility!

Whirlwind 2017 Spring
Take Time To Reflect "There Is Strength and Wisdom Within"
                                     Speak The Truth                
       Take time to reflect there is wisdom and strength within.

I am a Maine bear rehabilitator and behavioral researcher Note: I  have taken photos of my bears for years now , as well as recoring them in depth, and look forward to selling my photos/products to create revenue. Time continues to give answers. My position overall ,and what I do is very clear on other pages of my website as well. Bear cub rehabilitation to me is immediate care,continued care,and monitoring bears while trying to make their environment as stress free, and as close to nature as it can feasibly be! Time has given me answers to questions.That is why I try to update my website with time permitted - so as to set  the record straight.I have always said to never underestimate bear cubs capabilities,and their natural instincts; that they already have in place. I have documented for years now - My care- I have recorded their development + behavioral patterns - skills/instincts, and that is what - has not only given me an opportunity to learn from them - but to witness 1st hand how bear cubs develop on a daily basis - I don't get days off and holidays,and Note: I work for a living as well installing floors that is another business that I,and my husband own ( The bears is my business,and my husband doesnt step on my toes,and he knows I appreciate him,as he does me.

I, being a bear rehabilitator /caretaker has/or should put me in a catagory of: A documented  bear behavioral ,observational researcher,and educater. I have been able to document + record just about everything that I have witnessed over the years, and I will continue to do so.

(2017 UPDATE) Take Note: I have dissolved my second chance wildlife inc. business because of issues... I will continue to run my new business similar,but hopefully without the misrepresentation; that was taking place with second chance = I am not an organization ( I just want to run my business, and I will  also be selling products with my bear photos = calendars ,christmas cards,note cards,and other,...I may eventually have a shop - here at home - in another outside building though ,but I will only be open off season = when my bears are taking their Winters nap/yearlings - so as to not disturb them ( I will allow some to visit each year when Winter den check happens 1x in Winter), and if I have very young cubs at that time as well - a real quick peek - from selective few with my strict guidelines will not effect them = it should not disturb the cubs. Outside of that - I cant allow anyone ;because it is not beneficial to me /nor the bears that I care for and observe.   

2012 (3 male cubs &1 female cub arrived 3-10-12)
3-18-12 (1 male cub went into a den withsow & new siblings:o)

2012: Cubs that arrived in need of rehabilitation

"Survivor" "Forest" "Spruce" given a second chance
3-27-13 /3 tiny cubs arrived ; I appreciate that the logger & Game Wardens had contacted me

2012:16 week old cubs in 3 acre natural habitat..
Shield,Mikdud & Beechnut

The Bear Facts

About Us

Machias & Tug


49 BEARS TO DATE : I have received in need of rehabilitation, observation - to date over the years-UPDATE : I SADLY LOST INDEPENDENCE IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST UPSETTINGTING THINGS I HAVE GONE THROUGH - I AM TRYING TO HEAL) ( 45 released + 1 now "Independence" 2017 in rehabilitation/observation ) Over the years : (2 died-necropsy was done) (1 euthernized-necropsy was done) ( 1 died - severe health issues/neurealogical - the cub could not be saved )  More bear Information listed below:   
2017   (2) thus far)  (1 female cub weighing 6.2 lbs on arrival 5-6-17 named "Indy"/Independence - UPDATED ABOVE) (1 female cub weighing 3.6 lbs on arrival 5-7-17 - this cub died neurological and other health issue:o(
2016 (4) cub of the year all males (2 male cubs I received on: 6-3-16 "Feisty" weighing 5 lbs. & "Blaze" weighing 6lbs + I received another male cub: "Burdock" 6-4-16 weighing 8lbs.+ I received another male cub: "whirlwind" approx.10 months of age on: December 15,2016 weight approx. 15 lbs.)
2015 (4) bear yearlings thus far (1 bear cub of the year arrived 6-24-15 LIBERTY ) (Blizzard yearling arrived 1-22-15 only weighing 16lbs.) (Storm yearling arrived 1-30-15 only weighing 12lbs.Released May 12,2015 30lbs.) (Bumbles yearling arrived 2-24-15 maxed out my scale at over 100 lbs = fat obese yearling - corn patch queen)
(2014 (2) cubs thus far ( "Brave" Female-cub weight 6 lbs. arrived 4-5-14) (Freedom Female - cub arrived  6-3-14 weight on 6-5-14 12 lbs.)
(2013 (4) cubs arrived 3-1-13 - surrogate sow bears were found for cubs to go in with (3) cubs arrived 3-27-13-still in rehabilitation .
2012 (14) cubs arrived In 2012 (12-21-12 16lb female cub 11+months) (10-31-12:11½ lb male cub Age  9½ months)(11-1-12: 12 lb male cub Age 9½ months) (11-19-12 16 lb female cub) (11-25-12 14 male cub)( 2 cubs very wild were soft released, and were not in need of rehabilitation) (5-29-12 #3 MALE CUBS ARRIVED WEIGHTS:5lbs,6 1/2lbs,7lbs;They needed immediate care-2 were released /Winter den release )(3-10-12  #4 ORPHANED CUBS ARRIVED:1MALE CUB WAS RELEASED INTO A DEN WITH SURROGATE SOW ON 3-18-12,AND THE OTHER 2 MALE CUBS & 1 FEMALE CUB WILL BE IN REHABILITATION FOR A WHILE -They were released into a Winter den as yearlings )(5 CUBS THAT ARRIVED 2012 FALL WEIGHING 11½lbs ,12 lbs,14 lbs,16 lbs,16lbs WILL WINTER HERE-They were released Spring 2013. 1 CUB WOUNDED,AND  1 FROM THE  3 that had arrived on 5-29-12  are denned in the woods/soft release.
2011 (6)  CUBS IN REHABILITATION ;THEY ARE ALL LIVING IN THE WILD NOW AND HAVE COLLARS ON THEM/RADIO TELEMETRY-VHF,AND SATELLITE&VHF= 3 were released at 7months age,and 3 were released typical dibursment at 16 months-2013 update these cubs have been living in the wild now for a while;they are 2 year olds/sub adults and we will continue to gather data as it arrives)

Time gives answers to questions:Bear cub rehabilitation,and research

1997 first bear in rehab

Ice & Frosty

2012:16 WEEK old cubs in a natural habitat
Cubs went into my 3 acres on 5-7-12 -I now have 5 acres fenced in :o)

10 lb male cub named Lubec arrived  on 6-12-09
10-16-09Lubec weighed 58 lbs when released back to the wild :o)

221 feedings in 21 days
This Little cub patten went in with a surrogate sow
221 feedings in 21 days
This Little cub patten went in with a surrogate sow

Neonatal cubs Ice & Frosty




Bear Records: Years listed when I received bears , and years when I did not ? Common Sense would be that when Maine bears are in need of rehabilitation ,and observation they would go here. (The smaller bear pen was built in 2002,and my 3  acre bear pen was built in 2006 ,and now I am blessed to have an additional 2 acres = I now have a total of 5 acres!  I would like to fence in more of mine and my husbands private property as time goes on)

If you would like to gather more data on the bears I have rehabilitated and observed over the years please keep scrolling,and also just view other pages on my website to learn more.I do not have everything on my website but I will eventually try to add much more documentation/my bear journal/or siply have it out there for when I get my book done: please be patient.Thanks!

-Dawn Brown 


(1) Male cub arrived in October 1997  (Released himself shortly later at approximately 9-10 months age/escaped)

1998,1999,2000,2001-No bears came here for rehabilitation


(1) Male cub received from Daryle Dajoy on 10-8-02, We were told that the approximately 9 month old cub had swam across blue hill bay and was smashing up against the rocks ( in the Spring of 2009 as a yearling we attempted a potencial release,but it was obviouse that there was something not right,it was clear this bear would never be able to live life as a typical bear.We had to make a decision, and all agreed what would be best=This bear was euthanized on 5-30-03 by State Veterinarian Dr. Don Honeige . Biologist Mark Caron then transported the bear,and a necropsy was then done.Results=Brain tumor,and neurological damage 


(1) Male cub I named "Coburn" arrived on 12-18-03 from biologist Mark Caron.Cub's weight approximately 15-20 lbs.As a yearling he was caught in the trap door/bear box,he was not ear tagged.The biologist said the yearling was in very good condition,and had good behavior and should do well.He was taken up North and released on 5-28-04 up in Coburn Gore, Maine. My husband and I accompanied the biologist .We all caught a glimpse as he took off out of the box into the the woods /great release! have video.

2004,2005-No bears came here for rehabilitation


(1) 2-3-06 Female neonatal cub named "Frosty " arrived with Female sibling,the biologist & bear crew tried a winter den release by  putting the cubs in with surrogate sow-it did not work out, Cub "Frosty" & her  sibling "Ice"both went back into rehabilitation,later they were released again in the summer July/August of 2006-both cubs were immature at this stage of development and had gone to a campground,they had gone back into rehab again.On 8-17-06:Cub frosty died in captivity.We took her to my Veterinarian Dr.Robert Patterson, he had then taken samples to be sent to John Hopkins for a necropsy in Maryland. He did say there was a lot of gas built up.He was correct (Results=A gastric intestinal disorder,and it is difficult to pin point what may have caused it.) Bears at this time were getting allot of fruit e.g. strawberries,blueberries,sarsaparilla berries,blackberries,raspberries,also frozen fish=may be questionable,Mountain ash berries/not ripened may also be questionable,rose-hips not quite ripe may be questionable.I no longer feed any of the questionable foods out, just to be on the safe side. further data listed on this page  

(1) 2-3-06 Female neonatal cub "Ice" arrived with sibling *look above her sibling was frosty. (Ice was later released back to the wild as a yearling / winter den release in 2007.Sadly In the 2008 bear hunting season-Ice was harvested during the Maine bear hunting season.She lived in the wild for over a year and a half. further data listed on this page

2007: No bears went into the bear rehabilitation pens/I should say - I am a bear rehabilitator and the/my bears go into my pens where I can monitor them  (UPDATE NOTE : when bears are in my  smaller bear pen - I monitor them 2 to 6 times approx. within a 24 hr time frame - sometimes more ,and sometimes less. I clean ,care for,monitor and observe bears growing stages - I look for any health issues ,...When bears are placed in my 3 acre natural habitat facility/now 5 acres  - I continue to monitor and gather natural food, as well as supplement them when necessary - I make sure they have clean water when vernal pools are empty = 2  times daily /maybe more + I monitor them closely /document their health and development,and behavioral patterns while they are in my facilities) Though I have an incredible amount of information out there - Evidently if I do not explain myself thoroughly - I get taken out of context,but anyone whom understands me knows the process that I go through ,but none the less - it is wise for me to explain.
(1)  10 oz. Male neonatal cub arrived named "Patten",later  Released into winter den with sow and siblings on  1-23 -07 ,on  March16, 2007 when biologist checked the den, Patten weighed 5lb 6 oz. His sister was the smallest of the three natural cubs, and weighed 4 lbs 10 oz - the other 2 siblings,a male and female both weighed 5 lbs and 8-oz.Down East study. further data listed on this page

(1) Female cub arrived named "Machias" arrived on 3-12-07 .Released into den with surrogate sow on  3-29-07. further data listed on this page

(1) Female cub arrived named "Tug" arrived on 3-12-07.Released into den with surrogate sow 3-29-07. further data listed on this page

2008 -No bears came here for rehabilitation


(1) male yearling arrived to Second Chance Wildlife Inc. on 4-23-09 from Jack Knight /another wildlife rehabilitators facilities (bear was released by biologist back to the wild on 5-28-09.this bear was also  ear tagged,weighed ,teeth checked,health ...I have not heard any data ,so I ma hoping he is doing just fine.

  •  Update 2010 *During the Maine bear season this bear was harvested (method -using hounds).The Guide said this bear was pretty near 300 lbs.Take Note:Most Guides are very conscientious about the size of bears that they harvest = they have very good judgment as professionals (eg estimating bears weight, characteristics, and behavior prior to harvesting/killing the animal).      

(1) female yearling arrived to Second Chance Wildlife, Inc. on 4-23-09 from Jack Knight /another wildlife rehabilitation facilities. (After being at Second Chance Wildlife Inc.the bear was released by biologist back to the wild on 5-28-09.this bear was also radio collard,weighed ,teeth checked,health ...

  • Bear  biologist Randy Cross & crew During the 2010 winter den study checked on her, and she weighed 76 lbs.she seemed a bit lanky thin for her body structure.

  • She had not shown up in the 2010 fall hunting season harvest report  

(1)  male yearling arrived 4-28-09 from biologist he was getting into trouble with his mother sow and another sibling-they were getting into birdseed feeders! the sow was eventually shot during the 2009 Maine bear hunting season ,the other sibling I am not sure what its fate was, it never was caught.The 1 birdseed yearling male that came here tomy facility it was  released by biologist back to the wild on 5-28-09.I have  not heard anything ,so I am in hope he is doing just fine

(1) 10 lb male cub named Lubec arrived  on 6-12-09 -Biologist James Hall said the Bear cub was around a residence for about two weeks, no sign of the mother.Cub was later drugged, ear tagged,checked teeth,health..weight=58 lbs biologist Randy Cross said he  looked to be in excellent condition (size appropriate). Also well behaved in terms of  avoidance behavior. Lubec was then released back to the wild  on 10-16-09.Have not heard any thing new,so I am in hope he is doing fine. further data on the home page.Rescued June 12,2009 from a porch in Lubec at 10 lbs. He had started exhibiting denning behavior in the large enclosure so it is likely that he will den soon in the wild.10-16-10 Lubec : weight= 58 lbs. Neck circumference = 34cm; Chest circ = 58cm; Length (zoological) =85cm; Length (nose to tip of tail) = 100cm Ear tags White 0169 in both ears (let blue backs) No chest blaze

  •  2010 update: *Bear Cub Lubec 

     Lubec was killed by a hunter 9-10-10 he was approximately 1 year, and 8 months of age =20 months

             Lubec was released 10-16-09 at approximately 9 months of age

                Lubec was in rehabilitation for approximately 4 months

    DSC04430.JPG (1064024 bytes)DSC04715.JPG (45888 bytes)

 Lubec's rehabilitation process has proved to be a success for this particular bear (Lubec survived his second winter, in a den as a yearling by himself, and was able to wake up in the Spring, and survive through the season, up until he was harvested/killed on September 10,2010

  • These 4 bears did not shown up in the 2009 harvest reports,and the female was checked in the 2009 winter den study,there have been no nuisance reports either.

(1) male yearling bear arrived from Rangeley/ Coplin Plantation on 5-11-10.Game warden Reggie Hammond called about the little bear,and said it had been showing up  for a few days sleeping on the porch and going into the barn of John Cochese.The cub weighed exactly 23 lbs on 5-11-10 when we got it home to Second Chance Wildlife.We weighed it in the carrier,and after had subtracted the weight of the carrier.I have been documenting behavior, and care.48 lbs when released on 6-17-10
  • 10-4-10 Update- Good News :o) Coplin bear has not shown up in the 2010 harvest report as of yet (he was ear tagged & tattooed)  
  • UPDATE: Coplin the bear was harvested at grid n 45' 11.509, w 67' 57.849, at a baitsite located at buck knoll. the date was 6/15/2011 at 730pm taken with a 338 federal. the live weight was 98 lbs, we did not weigh it after it was dressed.Coplin was in  passamaquoddy tribal lands where thay have a spring hunt;bear tracks guide service  on passamaquoddy tribal lands for the spring hunt. Thanks goes to the passamquoddy tribe for sharing this data.Guides are conscientious and they have good judgment as professionals.Though I am saddened that coplin was hunted;I do understand that hunting is a part of wildlife managment,tradition,and conservation. 
(1) male 5 month old cub weighing 7 lbs 4 oz on arrival  6-6-10.Warden Kevin Pelkey rescued 'BUR" the cub on 6-5-10.(To read more about "Cub Bur" go back to the home page.)  BUR was released on 8-16-10 with a satellite collar ,and was ear tagged, weight 44 lbs.
  • 9-30-10 Update :o) Bur cub is doing well, he was picked up using ground telemetry,and was spotted way up in a tree. 
    10-26-10 Biologist Randy Cross checked "Bur" again.He is denned up in a hollow pine stub (smokestack) He is just living life as a bear...We all look forward to seeing him this winter; during the Winter den study.Read up about  Bur-Go to home page!
(6) Cubs in rehabilitation (1) Moose calf
UPDATE:(3 cubs/Standish trio were released 0n: 8-23-11,and the Moose calf was released on:9-21-11
Bear cub Orlando,and the Enfield siblings will be released in the Spring 2012/they are Wintering here.    
  • 5-3-11 (2 male bear cubs from Enfield Maine-Name “Enfield brothers” Weight= 5 ½ lbs & 7 lbs biologist Mark Caron called, and Alan Stan delivered cubs most of the way.

  • 5-12-11(1 female cub from Orland-Name “Orlando” weight 6 lbs Biologist Randy Cross deliverd cub.

  • 5-23-11( 2 female cubs approximately 8lbs & 12 lbs)(1 smaller male cub weighing approximatly 6 lbs-he was caught later that day up in the tree where his siblings were rescued too) 2 cubs delivered 5-23-11by Game warden Mike Pierre & 1 cub delivered from a biologist following day 5-24-11.(Cubs were from Standish)

6-28-11 (6) Cubs were Eartagged & weighed.

Biologist Chuck Hulsey & Bob Cordes assisted with this process ,along with Dawn Brown,Michael Brown,Richard Hulsey 

1 Male Enfield bear estimated weight 25 lbs -- Ear tag  # 181 (white) ID# 2936

1 female Standish bear weight 23 lbs --Ear tag # 180 (white) ID#2938

1 male Standish bear weight 26 lbs -- Ear tag #183 (white)ID#2939

1 male Enfield bear weight 22 lbs  -- Ear tag #182 (white)ID#2937

1 female Standish bear weight 24 lbs -- Ear tag #184 (white)ID#2940

1 female Orlando bear wieght 22 lbs -- Ear tag #179 (white)ID#2925

All were give 2% lidocaine in the ears. The 1st 3 bears handled were given 0.2 cc of Pen. G. The last 3 bears were given 0.25 cc Pen G.

7-2-11 Released cubs into my 3 acre pen.   

  • 8-23-12: Biologist Randy Cross,Jennifer Vashon measured,weighed,and put collars on the (3) Standish bear cubs(2) female cubs/Sandy & Miles have vhf collars(1) male cub/Oxbow has VHF/satellite combo collar all 3 cubs released on August 23rd,2011 up in the Ashland study area) 8-23-11 the 3 Standish bear cub trio were releaed to the wild: Biologist Randy Cross,and Lisa Bates from MDIFW released the cubs.As soon as I hear some news on their Winter local/den site ;I will update any new data.UPDATE: I have great news !:o) I heard from biologist Randy Cross about the Standish trio cubs; They have all been located now, and they too now have their own individual names, and each has certainly shown its own animality :o) The Pilot had found 2 of the 3 orphans (1 )female is just East of where she was released about 3/4 mile NE of Weeks Pd (she is on slow mode which is a good indication that she is probably denned). The other female is a mile farther ENE. Update: The pilot had found the missing orphan Male. About 17 miles SE of the release point - about 2 1/2 miles West of Oxbow Village; 3/4 mile S of the Aroostook River. Since they are clearly all on their own and denning separately, it will be helpful to give them names (they are still the Standish Trio, collectively). We'll refer to the wanderer being the Male as "Oxbow" and the Female, "Miles", and the remaining Female near the release site, " Sandy".

 UPDATE: Biologist Randy Cross/ Den Checked TheStandish Trio:

(Sandy ,a female weighing 41 lbs.)(Miles", a female,weighing 42lbs., and was extremely feisty)("Oxbow", a male weighed 54lbs.) All three of  the bears had excellent dens, and acted very much like wild bears, if not better.



4 bottle baby cubs-eventially went in with surrogate sows
3 bottle babies arrived 3-27-13 Still In rehabilitation
2014: 2 cubs
 "Brave" Female-cub weight 6 lbs. arrived 4-5-14 + Freedom Female - cub arrived  6-3-14 weight on 6-5-14 12 lbs. 
2015: (4) 3 Yearlings thus far + 1 cub
 (3) bear yealings thus far (Blizzard yearling arrived 1-22-15 only weighing 16lbs.) (Storm yeraling arrived 1-30-15 only weighing 12lbs.) (Bumbles yearling arrived 2-24-15 maxed out my scale at over 110 lbs = fat obese yearling - corn patch queeen:Her weight was estimated to be approximatly 130lbs.) (LIBERTY CUB OF THE YEAR Arrived 6-24-15 18 Lbs. )

2006 Bear Den Summary


3-19-08 Ice had made a nice den!

Long Term Study on rehabilitated bears too!

Monitor cameras for observing bear behavior while in rehabilitation.
This bear yearling went up North in a den Winter 2007 ,biologist Kendall Marden checked on her in March and she seems to be doing well. Ice weighed 62 lbs when checked while in hibernation. NEW NEWS:May 2007 She was caught on telemetry the beginning of May when the plane flew over,she had moved from her denning /release site from where she had spent her winters nap.She was not caught as of yet; during the spring bear study.The plane will go up again in July,August and we will get another reading on her,I am in hopes she is living her life like all the other bears, and will fit into her own territory and do well.Summer 2007 Update: Biologist Randy Cross has good news.Icicle was caught on telemetry again,she ended up returning approximately two miles from where she had spent her winters nap in the Northern woods,this is good behavior,and tells me she has established her own territory;this is great news! I am pleased that she is just living life as a bear-this has been an accomplishment.The future of neonatal cubs; having the ability to be rehabilitated, and return to the wild,is promising.She is approximately a year and 7/8 months of age.More good news! Latest update on Icicle 12-19-07-Ice is in hibernation; in a den for her winters nap,this is great news!-she has been in the wild getting near to a year,and has found her way ! she is not far from where she had denned last year-She has established her own territory/Home range, and seems to be doing just fine "Living life as a bear in the WILD" She will be getting a GPS collar,so as to track her movements even more.Learning takes time, and gives us answers! Rehabilitated neonatal cubs can do well, and be returned to the wild just being a bear! 

Ice has dened up like all the other bears in the study ;she is getting a GPS Collar Thanks to The MDIFW.Ice was 63 lbs when checked 3-19-08 She is now a sub adult 2> years (=over 2 years of age) –They measured her ,and checked her overall health then she was equipped with a GPS collar ;this will give us vital information on her movements. We followed along with the Bear crew to see two other den sites. The nextdenthatwas checked was a three year old approximately 82 lbs , and then following a four year old,and her weight was 98 lbs. The comparison with their age was compatible for the three bear’s weight; The habitat in the Ashland area was the result of the overall bear’s weights, and health in this study area.The bears in Ashland went into hibernation sometime in October 2007."Long Winter"

  • Biologist working out in the field:Making sure Maine black bears stay healthy for future generations
  • Population density-In study areas 
  • Reproduction rates
  • Bears health
  • Number of bears harvested-so as to regulate hunting season
  • Keeping track of habitat-it can change from year to year such as to much rain or possible drought,development and other obstacles-food sources can be affected.logging can hurt or enhance bear habitat/Bears need the best of both worlds-Clear cuts create berries and good foraging-Beech trees produce nuts -thick forest provide shelter and other sources of nutrients.Larvae is a favorite food for bears too/high protein.  
  • Biological data consist of :weight,Taking measurements,checking teeth, and over health etc,and most importantly poulation density.

(3-19-08) 2 year old ice in her winter den
biologist had monitored her with a GPS collar

3-19-08 Dawn & Ice

Ice in 3 acre bear pen

In Memory of Ice the bear "Strength"
She was harvested during the 2008 bear hunting season .Although I support hunting it is heartfelt and sad to loose Ice. Being a wildlife rehabilitator  and observer -It can be tough at times. Knowing after the rehabilitation process bears are then returned to the wild, their Fate will then take its course. I try very hard to look at the big picture, and work on being open minded. Ice lived her life as many bears in the wild have, and will continue to do so. Though her life was shorter than I had hoped, it was longer than some bears–I reckon she taught us much, and continually contributed to my knowledge of black bears. Ice has my sincere gratitude, and thanks.  Having an understanding of the hunt is having a grasp of the true wilderness. I believe that bears living within the forest floor have the knowledge of it often more than we do; for the bear species itself is a true hunter with an understanding of nature, its hardships, its strengths, weaknesses, and the consistencies of it all. I hope to continue too learn, along with others about this amazing species.I do realize that there will be sad moments, but there will also be happy moments, great memories, and a learning experience that so few have had the opportunity to witness. I feel truly blessed!  Having an understanding can heal the sorrow.-Dawn Brown

"About Maine Black Bears"

Mother sow with 3 cubs

MDIFW Bear Biologist Working hard  keeping track of;" Maine Black Bear #s"


Working with professionals such as these wildlife biologist has been a great source of information:
Working together only enhances Knowledge on the black bear ursus americanus:
for this I believe we will learn much! What I do and Biologist do are different
Biologist keep track of bear #'s = they tag,weigh,measure,keep track of reproduction,harvest reports,and the list goes on. 
My focus is to care for bear cubs that have been orphaned  = I rehabilitate bears by doccumenting my care, as well as observation = Keeping an eye on bears repetitive behavioral patterns as they develop in my bears facilities